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Our online consulting provides:

  • Individualized strategies and techniques to help you reach your goals.

  • Education to empower you for long term success.

  • Weekly virtual check ins with your coach to provide feedback, techniques, and make any necessary adjustments to your nutrition program.

  • Unlimited access to your coach.

We provide two different tracks​ to ensure you are getting paired with the right coach to achieve your goals:

  1. Our regular nutrition consulting specializes in active adults looking to improve their health and/or take their athletic performance to the next level! Depending on your individual goals, you and your coach will navigate food quality and portion sizes to maximize your health and wellness around your busy day! This track guides you through systems and skills to learn how to fit healthy habits within work, family, and social outings. No more stressing out on how to navigate life's curve balls! Feel confident with a plan in place and a support system to learn from!

  2. If you have been diagnosed with an illness, our RDN on staff will help provide nutrition related strategies to improve your health. We will begin by analyzing the current diet, family history, weight status, food cravings, relationship with food, lifestyle factors, and any lab work from the physician. We will then come up with specific goals with macronutrient ranges, meal ideas, and accountability from the dietitian. continuous education and access to the dietitian throughout your journey! 

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If you are a competitive athlete, our performance coaching ensures you are getting in proper fuel to train and recover with periodized plans around your season, micronutrients to minimize inflammation and improve recovery, nutrient timing around your training, and meeting hydration needs to make sure your nutrition is providing the necessary foundation to build upon.

No matter which track you decide to do, our coaches will be there every step of the way to provide you a plan, action steps, and accountability to reach your goals. Unsure which is best for you? Reach out to our coaches with any questions!

Please consult your physician before starting any health and wellness program. Please consult a licensed professional if you have a history of eating disorders.