Why Biscuit Nutrition? As we remolded ourselves around our mission to help active adults achieve healthy and passionate lives, it only made sense to rename ourselves after the greatest Masters athlete of all time, Seabiscuit. Seabiscuit was an unlikely champion who peaked after his "prime" years which never allowed him to compete in the Triple Crown. But he continued to go on to be one of the most famous race horses in history by being the ultimate underdog. Him and his team came back stronger with every hit along the way from defeats, torn ligaments, and broken bones. 

Drive and passion to continue forward is how you improve. Not when you started or how new you are to your goals. Everyone deserves to feel and perform their best at any age. 

The BN team keeps you excelling at what you love to do. That’s because we believe in creating small, cumulative habits to reinforce a sustainable lifestyle. We provide the accountability, support, and education you need for long term success.

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Stop dieting, start performing.



You have spent years bouncing between diets. You're frustrated at not knowing what to eat. You have a hard time fueling for your sport. Our team of coaches are here to help! Personalize your road map for success from the comfort of your home! Take the first step in taking control of your food habits!


BN provides comprehensive plans catered to each individual’s needs. Whether you want to run your first 5k or be a competitive athlete our coach will tailor your plan around YOU!

Musli Mix

"I came with a few problems: unstable energy levels, imbalanced nutrient intake, and I wanted to lose some weight. Coach Braeden listened to me and suggested a few steps I could take to improve.  After two weeks I was eating a greater variety of vegetables and starches; I felt more energized, less sluggish and bloated, and was more attentive to what I put into my body. I felt good. Really, really good. I would highly recommend BN to anyone who needs help with their nutrition and health."

-Matthew McCombs


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